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Pop Up Invitations




V-Fold pop up cards

V-Fold Pop Up Invites

Although the most basic pop up type, V-Fold Pop Up invitations provide its own element of surprise to the audience. It’s the most cost-effective type of pop up invitation. It is best viewed when card is opened at 90 degrees and can use any 2D photo / shape possible. It can have a more stunning effect when multiple 2D layers are used and contour cuts for various shapes are applied.

Silhouette Pop Up Invite

Silhouette Pop Up Invites

This type of pop up invite achieves a 3D effect for cards opened at 90 degrees. Unlike the V-Fold Pop Up Invites, it is made of several cuts and folds on the card itself. This allows for continuity in the overall look of the pop up card and the cuts also allows one to see the color of the cover giving quite an elegant effect.

Interactive Invitations


Interactive Invites

Interactive Invites provide an extra element of surprise as it is best appreciated with the participation of the receiver. One would usually need to pull tabs to uncover the surprise!




3D-Pop-Up3D Pop Up Invites

This is quite a tricky type of pop up card as careful thought is required not only to provide a fully three-dimensional model but also ensure it properly folds flat when closed. This card allows one to view the card at any angle, maintaining it’s 3D look and feel. Anybody receiving this type of pop up invite will surely not expect a fully 3D object to pop out of a flat invite!



3D Models

Not only do we create pop 3D invitations, but we also make 3D models. These 3D models do not fold, however this allows us to include much more detail into the design.




Multiple Pop Up ElementsMultiple Set Pop Up Invites

There are some pop up invitations that require multiple elements put together to complete a theme. Careful handling and a lot of patience is necessary when putting these elements together. This can also be a combination of various types of pop up mechanisms to better convey the message.

Client Recommendations

"The invites arrived today and they r ----------> Amazing
I'm very impressed with ur work and service
You were fantastic and great to deal with
We appreciate all ur help
And thank you greatly"
Marian & Chris, Australia

"Opened your invites today. Superb indeed, very beautiful it exceeded our expectation;-) in fact, excited to give them out! Can't wait for relatives and friends to open and get awed by your marvelous creativity...I will definitely refer you and put good words of mouth for Pop Up Occasions."
Jean, Philippines

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