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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Why should I order my Pop Up Cards from

Pop Up Occasions creates really well-thought pop up cards which people from all ages can enjoy! Best of all, you don’t need to spend a whole lot at it, as compared to many of the pop up cards sellers out in the market, because this is more of pleasure, than work for me. I enjoy creating these unique pop up ideas and am even willing to create a custom one for you!

Q.2. How much lead time is required in ordering Pop Up invites?

Knowing how much time it takes to order pop up invites is important because it gives you an idea of how soon you need to order. We are committed to providing you quality wedding invites hence, we generally require 1-2 weeks lead time for our standard wedding pop up invites (for every 100pcs) and an additional week for custom-made designs from the time design/prototype is agreed.

Q.3. How do I order my cards from

Just browse through our pop up cards invites and select the wedding pop up invite that catches your fancy. Fill in the form details at the bottom of the page and request contract details. You may expect to receive a confirmation of your order within 24-48 hours, including payment details. Alternatively, for custom orders, you may send us a message/request via the “Request Quotation” form and we will contact you immediately. We also provide free consultation so we can provide you some recommendations / advice on your perfect pop up card concept!

Q.4. Is there a Minimum Order Quantity?

Yes, we do have a minimum order requirement for our invitations, however if you would like to order one of our current designs in Our Invites section, we can consider less than 100pcs but more than 50pcs depending on arrangement we have with our suppliers. If you are ordering a customized invitation of a completely new concept, we do have a 100-pc. minimum quantity order. This is due to the time and effort needed to engage our designers for new concept pop up invites. We do allow orders of less than this quantity on a case to case basis but will have an additional premium for production costs. Contact us to let us know if you have a particular pop up card concept and will need less than 100pcs.

Q.5. How do I pay for my order?

Currently, we will only be able to accept Bank Deposit, Cheque, Paypal or “Cash on Delivery” payment methods.

Q.6. Is there a downpayment required?

Yes. We usually require a 50% downpayment to cover our initial costs for materials. Upon completion of work, the remaining balance needs to be settled before pop up invites are shipped. The tracking ID will will be provided to you so you can keep track of your order.

Q.7. How much is the delivery fee and is this included in the payment?

Shipping cost is going to be included in the contract price and is based on the shipping address information you provide us. When filling out information on the form, make sure you type in the address where you would like to us to ship your order to.

Q.8. How do deliver pop up cards and how long does it take to be delivered?

We contract a third party service provider for all nationwide (Philippine) and international deliveries. Orders should be delivered in 1-2 days from time purchase is made for domestic (LBC) and 3-7 days for international (FedEx, DHL).

Q.9. I live outside the Philippines. Can I still order pop up cards?

Certainly! If you live outside of the Philippines and would like to order pop up cards, we will include appropriate shipping fees along with other Payment details in the contract once you have submitted us a work request.


Client Recommendations

"The invites arrived today and they r ----------> Amazing
I'm very impressed with ur work and service
You were fantastic and great to deal with
We appreciate all ur help
And thank you greatly"
Marian & Chris, Australia

"Opened your invites today. Superb indeed, very beautiful it exceeded our expectation;-) in fact, excited to give them out! Can't wait for relatives and friends to open and get awed by your marvelous creativity...I will definitely refer you and put good words of mouth for Pop Up Occasions."
Jean, Philippines

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