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About Us

Pop Up Occasions is a registered business under the name Karla’s Pop Up Invitation Card Design Services and is based in the Philippines. We began our journey in 2013 and have grown as a business since then.

Our creative team is simply fascinated with the ingenuity and and creativity that goes into creating pop up invites as there is a great deal of imagination that goes with visualizing how certain parts interact and how the elements would have to be formed in order for them to come together in a cohesive and orderly manner – one that brings that fascination and enchantment to the one who opens it.

We enjoy exploring the imaginative possibilities of Pop Up Cards and the various pop up and interactive mechanisms that go with it.

Apart from the message revealed by the sender, we believe that there are other ways to make the message come across. Sharing particular feelings through words is not always easy for everyone, but by incorporating several pop-up and mechanical elements, feelings come to life! All these come to play for the reader to enjoy when reading a pop up card, which its sole purpose anyway, is to make you smile.

The Philippines is not exactly one of the countries popular in pop up card making, but we at Pop Up Occasions, have always marvelled at how plain paper could create such engaging pop up cards. It gives us pleasure to find that you enjoy these pop up cards as well! Check out our pop up invites now!

We make wedding pop up invitations, birthday pop up invitations and pop up invites for various other occasions including marketing materials.

International orders? No problem! We ship internationally as well. Contact us to get a quote now!

Client Recommendations

"The invites arrived today and they r ----------> Amazing
I'm very impressed with ur work and service
You were fantastic and great to deal with
We appreciate all ur help
And thank you greatly"
Marian & Chris, Australia

"Opened your invites today. Superb indeed, very beautiful it exceeded our expectation;-) in fact, excited to give them out! Can't wait for relatives and friends to open and get awed by your marvelous creativity...I will definitely refer you and put good words of mouth for Pop Up Occasions."
Jean, Philippines

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